By: Jackie

     For: Winnie, I wanted to write you something special, 'cause you're special. I hope you like it, but if you
                  don't I hope you had a wonderful birthday anyway.  Love and Hugs!

A lone figure sat on a roof way up high
His only witness the moon shining bright from the sky.
His lips turned up slightly in a small contented smile
He was happy to be on his own for a while.
The sounds of the town were dimmed by the height
He relished in the thought that he was out of sight.
He could see why Vin liked to sit way up here
It was far enough away to make your thoughts clear.
He fingered the wood carving that he held in his hand
Why he still tortured himself, he'd never understand.
Why did he keep on carving, when there was no more need?
He didn't really mean to, his mind just took the lead.
He knew he shouldn't dwell on things that tore his soul apart
But could not deny the feelings that lay deep within his heart.
He licked dry lips, and took a breath, swallowed fear away
As from his heart he took the words he knew he had to say.
'You know I'll always love you, you're burned within my soul
all this time I've spent without you, I knew I wasn't whole.
Well, lately I've been thinking and I think the time is right
To pull my life back into line, before I lose the fight.
I was waiting for the moment when my thoughts of you were rare
But I've come to realise now, that you always will be there.
I'll always have the memories of the time we had together
They can't be taken from me, it's a tie no-one can sever.
And you know, I wouldn't want it any other way
I want to keep you in my life, each and every day.
I know that you are with me, wherever I go
I'm not sure how I know this, I just feel that it's so
And so I know you'll understand how I feel tonight
I need to be myself again, need you to say that it's alright.'
He bowed his head and stopped the tears that glistened in his eyes
Then suddenly something happened that made his dipped head rise.
A light appeared before him, and a soft breeze blew around
Then he took a breath and held it, and tried not to make a sound.
He felt cool air close to his ear, and his eyes filled up once more,
As he heard his family giving him what he'd been asking for.
The tears flowed freely down his face, his throat too hoarse too speak
And he felt as though a feather had brushed against his cheek.
In an instant it was over, and Chris sat stock still awhile
And then slowly, very slowly, he began to smile.
A heavy weight had lifted and his heart felt light with joy
It reminded him of how he'd felt when he was a little boy.
He stood and held on to the wall, his emotions made him reel
And he wondered if his friends would see the change that he could feel.
He made his way down to the street, with a ripple up his spine
He knew that from this moment, he was going to be fine.
A tinge of fear ran through him, could he ever dare care again?
He hoped he would, but wasn't sure, how, where, or when
He'd closed his mind to caring, was it safe to lift the lid?
Then he realised it was too late, 'cause he already did.