By: Megan


It was the weekend and the perfect day for a ride. Team Seven gathered at Chris's ranch for a fun filled day of trail riding and friends. The Seven, minus Chris, walked into the stables to get their horses. They all stopped dead when they saw the horse stalls. They blinked and then blinked again. Ezra looked for a moment as if he was going to say a word, then he stopped. Finally, after several long minutes, the spell that had fallen over the six men snapped when Chris wandered into the stable.

The group turned as one and stared at Chris. Chris stopped and frowned. "What's up guys?"

They all blinked. Josiah was the first person to speak. "Chris? Why are their dead-bolts and padlocks on the stalls doors? Isn't that a little excessive for horses?"

Chris looked at the group shaking his head, "No. So far that seems to be the only way to stop them from escaping."

The group exchanged looks. This wasn't normal Chris behavior; he was usually so sane. Buck finally spoke up. "Chris they are horses. You know, horses? They can't open dead bolts or padlocks. Aren't you being just a little paranoid?"

Chris looked at the horses and then at the team. "Nope. I don't think it is enough , but they have yet to get out of the padlocks."

Looking at each other, the team just nodded slightly worried about the sanity of Chris mind, but since Chris was the boss and in control of handing out the paychecks, they would just go with the flow and ignore the locks. Chris just looked at everyone, then slowly unlocked each padlock. After each lock was unlocked he placed the keys in his pocket. Leading his horse out of its stall, he looked at the rest of the team, "I'll be outside, waiting for y'all."

The group nodded. After Chris left, the group headed for their horses, none of them willing to ask what was going on with Chris.

Chris, on the other hand, led his horse outside thinking about what had prompted the locks. It all started on Monday...


It had been a slow Monday. The week promised lots of paperwork that needed to get done this week. Chris went to bed at his usual time after making sure the horses were all in the stables and the house was locked up. Chris fell asleep quickly, tired after a long day.

Around three in the morning the sounds of a dead-lock bolt being picked sounded in the house. Slowly the door opened. Several large shadows could be seen as they entered the house. The muffled steps could be heard quietly thudding on the floor. The group of shadows made their way to the master bedroom. Slowly, the bedroom door opened allowing the shadows to enter, the carpet swallowing the  noise from the steps. Finally, the shadows surrounded the bed. Their prey was in their sights and surrounded.

Chris suddenly woke up. Reaching over without thinking, he turned on the light and swore. He was surrounded. Surrounded by horses. All of the Seven's horses. They were staring at him.

Chris swallowed. This couldn't be good. He stared at the horses. How in the world did the horses get into the house? The stables and house had been locked. Still, the horses had gotten in. Chris stared; he knew why the horses were here. They wanted attention. For some reasons all of the Seven's horse were horses that demanded attention. Lots of attention. Especially, Ezra's, Vin's and Buck's.

He started to pet them as he struggled out of the bed. As he petted them, he started to lead the horses back to the stables. How in the world had the horses had gotten out? Chris wasn't going to worry about it. The locks must not have been locked all the way.

Two hours later, all the horses were back in their stalls and they were locked - really locked. Chris stumbled to his bed, sank down on the his mattress, closed his eyes and sighed just as the loud buzzing of his alarm split the stillness. Chris would have fired his gun at the alarm clock if he could have. Sighing again, he got up and started the day.


Chris dragged himself home. The two hours of sleep he had missed didn't help him deal with the paperwork, but he was home and he could go to bed early and catch some sleep. The hours passed quickly. Making sure the horses were locked in the stables and the house locked up, Chris fell asleep.

At 2:30 a.m. a scraping sounds could be heard at Chris's back door - the creak of the door opening. As the door opened, the horses walked into the house again, making their way towards the master bedroom. They opened the bedroom door, surrounded the bed and waited.

Chris shot upright in the bed, flicked on the lights and collapsed back into the bed. The horses had gotten loosed again. Chris sighed. Getting out of bed, he started petting the horses and leading them out of the house. Finally, after several hours, Chris had gotten the horses back in their stalls. He would buy dead-bolts tomorrow for the horses' stalls and the stable. He figured that should keep the horses in their stalls and not wandering into the house. Shaking his head, Chris laid down on his bed intent on getting another hour of sleep. Unfortunately life wasn't fair. His alarm went off again. Growling, he got up thinking about killing all of the horses.


Chris stalked into the barn, smiling. The horses were out in the field. He had time, plenty of time. Slowly, Chris drew an item out of a brown paper bag. The gleaming bright metal of the item lighted a similar gleam in Chris's eyes. Chris grabbed his screwdriver and started to attached the new shiny lock to all of the stall doors. He would stop the horses from getting into the house. Crumpling the brown paper bag, he smiled; the horses weren't going to escape tonight. They were never going to escape. Chris stifled the maniacal laughter that was trying to escape. Shaking his head, he went into his house to have a nice steak to celebrate.

That night the stables were filled with the sounds of angry horses snorting, stamping and glaring. The human had locked them in. Settling down, the horses started to examine the locks. The human wouldn't get out of the showering attention on them.


Chris heard his alarm go off. Reaching over, he shut it off, smiling. It was a great day. No horses woke him up. He had a nice, quiet sleep. He almost looked forward to the paperwork. With a slight spring in his step, he got ready for the day.

Coming home, he went out back to check on the horses. He frowned when he saw them grouped together; the horses looked like they were planning something. Chris' frown deepened. They could plan all they wanted, but they were locked in the stalls.

Later that night, after Chris had fallen asleep, the backdoor opened again. The horses marched into the house, not caring about the noise. They opened the bedroom door, surrounded the bed and made enough noise to wake up Chris.

Chris shot up, turning on the lights. He started cursing. The horses got loose again. Sighing, Chris got out of bed, and started petting the horses, all the time trying to think if he could find a new lock for the doors - maybe not a dead-bolt, but a padlock. The horses couldn't deal with that. Smiling evilly Chris had found his new lock.

Several hours later, Chris got the horses back into the stables - happy horses who had gotten a lot of attention. Heading to bed, he looked over at the clock first. Sighing, he switch off the alarm and headed to the kitchen to get some coffee.


The weekend, finally. Chris headed out to the barn not even stopping at the house. A plastic bag was straining with the weight of several padlocks hung in his hand. Chris marched into the stables. Reaching into the bag, he pulled out one lock. Opening the plastic packaging, he pulled out the keys. Unlocking the lock, he placed it on the first stall. Then labeling the key, he added it to a key chain. He did this with all of the stalls. Smiling, he dusted off his hands when he finished. The horses wouldn't be escaping now. They would be safe. Chris indulge in the maniacal laughter that bubbled through him. Gleefully he headed to the house with a spring in his step.

Later that night, the horses were once again in the stables, neighing and snorting in anger. They were stuck in their stalls - again!


Chris was startled, when the rest of the team, came out of the barn. Shaking his head, he looked at the team. "Ready for a ride?"

The team nodded. Getting on the horses, they headed out for the trail.

Hours later, the Seven had gotten back from the ride, eaten dinner and left. The rest of the team never asking about the locks on the horses stalls.

Chris locked the last horse into their stall. Smiling, he placed the key ring into his pocket. Turning, he left the stable, not noticing Josiah's horse picking the keys for the locks from his pocket.

Chris left. The horses smiled. They would get more attention tonight.