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     Anniversary - Texas AU  Chris/Sarah

     Chicks Dig It - Texas AU 

      Kidnapped - Texas AU  First Story in AU

      Uncle Buck - Texas AU    Buck - Adam




     Once in a Lifetime -  OW   Ezra

    To The Very End -  ATF   Ezra




     Call of the Wild -  ATF  Vin - Ezra - Chris - Buck   2005 MOM Award Nominee




     All Accounted For -  OW  Seven   Anniversary Instafic  

     Keeping Watch -  OW  Chris - Vin

     Everything I Need -  LB/ATF  Instafic - Buck - JD 

     Twenty Years Later -  OW   Vin - Chris - Seven  

     Will the Real Vin Tanner. . . -  OW  Vin - Seven 




     I'm Already There -  OW Chris




     A Dark Tale -  ATF  All 

     Beginnings of Independence -  Vengeance (Ficlet) Chris

     Declaration of Independence -  ATF  All   2005 MOM Award Nominee

     End of the Rainbow -  OW Vin - Chris

     Wrapping It Up Together - ATF  Seven  (New Year's Ficlet)




     Eyes of Pain - ATF  Chris  

     Ghosts of the Federation -  Atlantis AU  Seven  

     Torn Between Two Loves - Triad AU    Josiah 




    The Date - LB/ATF    written with Meredith    2005 MOM Award Nominee




     Cowboys and Trolls -  LB/ATF




     Blinded By The Light -  ATF  Chris

     The New Adventures of Crash and Burn -  FCPD  Vin, Buck

     No -  ATF  Chris

     No Man Is Useless While He Has A Friend -  OW  Chris

     oti et amo (Of Love and Hate) -  OW  Chris   2005 MOM Award Nominee

     Standing Alone -  Vengeance  Chris    2005 MOM Award Nominee

     A Testing of Pride, Class and Past -  Vengeance  Vin

     Ultra Vires -  FCPD  Chris




     The Bull -  OW  Buck

     Down Time - OW  Josiah

     The Vigil - OW  Josiah - Vin    2005 MOM Award Nominee





     Frosty Winds May Blow  -  ATF   Ezra   Christmas




      A Father's Embrace -  LB/OW  Chris - Vin 

     Goin' To See the West -  LB/ATF    2005 MOM Award Nominee

     Huntin' -  OW  Vin

     Jingle Bells Las Posadas -  LB/ATF  (Things We Learned Series)

     Lots of Babies -  LB/ATF  (Everyday Heroes Series)

     Outcasts -  LB/D&D

     Reflections on Giving Thanks -  LB/OW 

     Spell Bound -  LB/D&D

     Unca Josiah to the Rescue -  LB/ATF   Christmas ficlet  2005 MOM Award Nominee




     The Bisected Letter  -  OW   Ezra - Buck    Follows The Found Letter

       The Found Letter -  OW   Ezra




      Big Lie, Small World -  OW  Vin-Chris-Buck-JD

      By Grace Alone -  OW 

      This Day -  OW     2005 MOM Award Nominee





    Always Be Mine -  LB/ATF (Things We Learned Series)

     Cast Away -  LB/ATF (Things We Learned Series)

     Wrestling the Octopus -  ATF   Ezra - Vin    2005 MOM Award Nominee




    Promises -  OW  Chris - Vin 





     Amateur Night -  ATF  Buck - Ezra  

    The Big Four Oh -  LB/ATF    (Everyday Heroes Series)

    Desert Odyssey -  OW Crossover with High Chapparel  (JD, Buck, Ezra, Vin)

     ER Saturday -  School Days AU

     Fighting the Infidel -  LB/ATF (Things We Learned Series)

     It's Not Easy -  Lost Lambs AU

     Lies in the Darkness -  ATF   Buck   2005 MOM Award Nominee

     Scars -  ATF  Buck 

     Snow Shaker -  ATF  Buck - Ezra - Vin




     After Obsession -  OW Chris    2005 MOM Award Nominee

     And For Each a Wish -  OW New Year's  Josiah

     And That's Forever - LB/ATF  Vin - Chris

     Between the Lines - OW  Chris - Buck

     By My Side - OW  Vin - Seven

      Christmas Miracle - OW  Ezra - Maude

     Cody - OW  Chris - Ezra - OFC (previously published by Neon Rainbow Press)

     Colors of Love - LB/ATF

      Comfort of Friends -  OW Chris missing scene  (previously published by Neon Rainbow Press)

     Coming to Terms - OW Ezra

     Concrete Angel - LB/ATF

     Cradled in the Arms of Love - OW Chris

     Empty Kingdom - LB/ATF  (The Things We Learned Series)

     Falling Heroes - OW  Chris - Vin - Billy

     Fires - OW  Chris - Vin - Billy - Nathan    2005 MOM Award Nominee

     Ghost Town - OW

      Head & Shoulders, Bees and Toes - LB/ATF (In the Good Ol' Summertime Series)

      Holiday Traditions - OW  Chris - Vin

      Homecoming - LB/ATF

      Hostages of the Heart - OW Chris - Vin  (WIP)

      I'll Try - ATF  Chris

      I'm Here - LB/ATF    2005 MOM Award Nominee

     In The Still Of The Night - LB/ATF  Vin - Chris

     Life's A Picnic -  LB/OW

      The Longest Tail - OW *Mentions death of one of the seven (previously published in zine)

      The Measure of a Man - OW All

      Merry Christmas and Chicken Pox to You - LB/ATF

       A Midnight's Tale - OW Christmas  Nathan

      No Cards or Flowers - OW  Vin - Chris

      Old Anne's Eyes: A New Year's Story - LB/ATF  (Things We Learned Series)

      Orphans - OW   Vin - Chris

      The Party - OW Christmas -  JD - Casey - Buck

      Picnic - OW  All - humor   (previously published in zine)

      Piecing Together A Family - LB/ATF  (Puzzling Out Life's Little Lessons) 

               2005 MOM Award Nominee

      Point of No Return - An Epilog - Judson  Adventure Inc.

      Ponderin' Friendship - OW   Chris - Vin 

      The Price of Revenge - OW   Ezra 

     Pups on Vacation - LB/ATF

      Saturday Night Life - LB/ATF  

      School Bells and Wedding Rings - LB/ATF  (Puzzling Out Life's Little Lessons)

      Since I Lost You - ATF   Chris

      Thanks For Giving Us. . . - LB/ATF  (Puzzling Out Life's Little Lessons)

                2005 MOM Award Nominee

     The Thing About Fathers - LB/ATF   (Everyday Heroes Series)

     This Man's Life - OW   Chris

      Vengeance - OW  Chris - Vin - Josiah  (WIP) 

      Visit in the Night - LB/OW

      A Walk in the Woods - ATF   Vin - Chris - Buck  2005 MOM Award Nominee

     Weekend Plans -  LB/ATF 

      Whispers in the Darkness - OW  Chris - Vin   (WIP)  2005 MOM Award Nominee 




      Candle In The Dark - OW  Chris - Buck

      Escape - ATF  Chris   Humor 




    Addiction - ATF  Chris - Vin  

    Ailments of the Undead - ATF  Vin - Josiah 2005 MOM Award Nominee

    Break Time on a Snowy Day - ATF  Vin - Chris 

   The Date - LB/ATF    written with Estee  2005 MOM Award Nominee

    Ella's Trail - OW

     A Familiar Face - OW   Buck - Vin 

    The Ghostly Hitchhiker - ATF  Based on an Urban Legend  

     Incidental Memory - ATF   Chris - Vin 

     Meditation on Betrayal 1 - OW  Josiah 

    On the Downsizing of Smurfs  - ATF Insta-Fic 

    Our Hero - ATF   Buck  

    A Reason for Thanks - ATF  Vin - JD - Seven A Thanksgiving Tale 2005 MOM Award Nominee

    School's Out - LB/ATF    (Everyday Heroes Series)

    Shadow's Grasp  - OW   Fanfic in poetry form   2005 MOM Award Nominee

    Speeding Along  - ATF Buck  Based on an Urban Legend 

    Words Once Spoken Can't Be Taken Back - LB/ATF




       Adrift - RNLI AU -   Buck - JD - Chris

       A Hunting We Will Go - OW -   Buck

      Cold Ride Home - ATF  Buck - JD - Chris - Vin

      Going Home - Ezra's Story - Civil War Era AU 2nd in series




      Wings of the Past - OW  Josiah





     Brother to Count On - LB/ATF - Teen

      Desolation - Seven Investigations AU - All

      Empty Faces - LB/ATF (Things We Learned Series)

      False Accusations - ATF - Buck - JD

      The First One to Laugh Dies -  Chris  (drabble)

      Found Treasures - LB/Vengeance (The Beginning)




      Rental Horse Blues -  OW  JD   Parody

       Borrowing Trouble -  ATF  JD - Josiah   Humor




     All Saint's Day - LB/ATF 

     Misfire  - LB/OW

     Storm Watching - LB/ATF   Vin - Chris




      One Man's Hero  - Two Blood AU   Buck  2005 MOM Award Nominee

       A True Friend - Family Matters AU    2005 MOM Award Nominee



     The Black Storm -  OW  Chris - Vin - OFC   

      Fallen Angels -   AU  Chris   (WIP)  




     A Friend In Need -  OW Vin   2005 MOM Award Nominee

     Fields of Blue -  OW Vin

     Orphans, Mothers and Sons -  OW  Vin - Ezra

     Quicksand - ATF  Vin  2005 MOM Award Nominee




    Lady Killers - Missing Scenes (Series) -  Vin - Chris - Buck 




     All Good Things -  Ezra




     Chain of Seven: How It Began - OW Seven 

     What Evil Men Wrought -  OW Vin