The Warmth of Friendship


Flames flickered in the moonlight, seven men all seated round

The crackling of the campfire, the one and only sound.

Another battle over, the fight was once more won

And each man’s heart was glad no friend had suffered from a gun.




Chris - The LeaderChris, leaning back against a rock, flames dancing in his eyes

Looked at the faces in the firelight, wondering how he formed such ties.

Six men all oh-so-different, but all so much the same

He knew each one would take a bullet meant for him if that time came.

He breathed smoke in through a shuddering breath, and let it out real slow

Wallowing in the knowledge he was safe from any foe.



Vin - The Tracker



Vin, his hat low over eyes that stared into the blaze

Thought of how these men had saved his life in many ways.

Not only from a blazing gun, a knife, a rope…whatever

But also being there to shelter him from stormy weather.

He’d never felt as safe before, it made his heart clench tight

And he knew if these men could help it, he was safe in any fight.





Josiah - The Preacher


Josiah, leaning forward, stoked up the fire, ‘til it grew

Then nodded thanks at Nathan who handed him a pungent brew.

The smell filled up his nostrils, but his mind was miles away

Thinking on the battle that had turned out well that day.

He raised his eyes to Heaven, his mouth forming silent prayers

As he thanked the Lord for each of six friends lives that He had spared.





Ezra’s fingers fiddled idly with the playing cards in his hand

His gaze took in each fire-lit face, then looked down at the ground.

He had never felt that he belonged, until he’d joined these men

And knew that if it ended, he would not find home again.

His travels had found him danger, and sometimes, deep despair

But now he knew that if he needed help, it would be there.




Buck - The Scoundrel

Buck looked down at the pebble he always carried come what may

But knew it wasn’t that which kept him safe from harm that day.

He turned it over in his hand, then threw it on the floor

As he sat amongst the six men that he knew he would die for.

He didn’t need a pebble, he realized with a smile

He was safe and protected within this fold, and had been all the while.





JD - The Kid

JD looked out on the darkened land, his heart now slow and steady

He didn’t know why it raced so fast, when he was battle ready

The men around him, seemed so calm as they prepared to fight

But deep down he knew, that they just kept their feelings out of sight.

He realized he had a lot to learn, but took comfort from the thought

That because of these six men, he’d stay alive while he was taught.





Nathan - The Healer

Nathan studied each face carefully, looking for a sign

That told him they were hurting, but they all seemed just fine.

He ran his fingers down his face; tipped his hat to hide his eyes

To conceal the rush of relief filled tears that he could not disguise.

He felt a sudden shift of mood, and wiping tears from off his face

He raised his eyes and what he saw made his heartbeat race.

Six pairs of eyes were on him, concern was plain to see

So Nathan nodded reassurance at his family.

Fresh tears began to assault his eyes, after all had looked away

He knew right then that he was safe, and he would stay that way.





The men stayed silent around the fire, faces lit by orange flame

Seven men who were so different, but whose thoughts were all the same.

They were once alone; no ties at all, looking out for number one

But tomorrow they were going home where their alliance had begun.

The warmth of friendship filled their souls, while they sat quiet and relaxed

Each knowing that the other six, would always watch their backs.

A circle of brothers so strong in its force, no storm could put it asunder

Not a hurricane, tornado. Not lightning and not thunder.

They calmed each others troubled waters and dispersed tempestuous seas

Provided pillars of strength to lean upon when one fell to their knees.

The power of their friendship was as it was always meant to be

The joining of their seven souls, was not fate, it was destiny.  

Jackie :o)


The stories within this archive are written in honor of the members of

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Enjoy the warmth of our friendship!