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Stories posted here are written for the list members of the 7H7C list in honor of their birthdays in their given month.  If you are a member and have a story to archive or link please contact the webmistress.  Also included are stories posted to the list, but not necessarily written for a particular birthday, and the poetry shared by some of our members.

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    Dream - (Monarch of the Glen/AU - JD - Buck)  KT   

    Finer Than Gold  -  (OW Ezra - Chris) LaraMee

    Past Connections  -  (OW Buck) KT   

     The Rescue -  (Larabee's Lepers  Chris) LaraMee  

    Weight Lifting  -  (OW Buck) KT




    The Bounty  -  (OW Vin - Chris - JD - Buck) LaraMee

    February Thaw  -  (OW Vin - Chris) - Jeanne





     Fever  -  (OW Chris - Vin)  LaraMee

     Happy Birthday Miss Nettie  -  (OW Vin)  LaraMee

     Starting From Scratch  -  (ATF Vin - Ezra)  Jackie

     Tell Me There's a Heaven  -  (ATF Josiah) Helen   2005 MOM Award Nominee




      The Search - (ATF Vin - Ezra - Chris) LaraMee

       A Walk in the Woods - (ATF  Buck - Josiah) KT




      What Friends Do -  (OW  Vin - Chris) LaraMee

       Be Still My Heart -  (ATF  Ezra - Vin)   Heidi

      Climb Every Mountain -  (ATF Vin)  Lynda




      Dry Gulch -  (OW  Ezra - Chris - Seven)  Meredith   2005 MOM Award Nominee

      Illusions of the Past -  (OW  Ezra)  knoteach 

      Run -  (OW  Vin - Chris) Jeanne

      Vegas Odyssey -  (ATF/CSI xover  Buck - Ezra) Sammy Girl 

      Word -  (OW  Vin)  Deirdre      





     Baptism Under Fire - Larabee's Lepers AU - LaraMee  2005 MOM Award Nominee

     Cave In  -  7B Ranch AU (Ezra -Vin - Buck - Chris) Niteowl

      Helluva Thing - (OW  Vin) Sue N.

     Perceptions  of the Rock - (ATF Ezra - Chris) Heidi

      Perils of Manual Labor - (OW  Ezra) LaraMee

      The Ride - (OW  Chris - Vin) LaraMee




     Choices - (ATF JD - Casey) LaraMee    WIP   

      Speed and Control -  (OW  JD)  KT  

     To Your Health -  (ATF  Ezra - Vin)  Meredith 

     Traveling Companions - (OW Vin - Chris - Ezra) LaraMee






     Faith of the Heart - Street Gang AU (Buck - Chris)  KT 2005 MOM Award Nominee

     From New Moon to New Moon - (OW Josiah - Seven) Meredith 2005 MOM Award Nominee

    October 31st - A collection: OW/ATF/LB-ATF/Larabee's Lepers   LaraMee

    Mines and Other Dark Places -  ATF  (Chris)  Jeanne

    With A Friend Like Me - ATF (Buck - Chris) Niteowl  Happy Birthday Kristin!






    Snow Angel  - (The Firm AU   Chris)   Winnie