Summary: It was only recently that I saw the episode ‘Lady Killers’ for the first time, and I felt there were a few loose ends that needed to be tied up, explained and maybe expanded upon. As my ‘missing scene’ piece concerns different combinations of characters, I’ve decided to present the work as a series of three, consecutive short stories. The first part, ‘The Best Laid Plans’, picks up close to the end of the episode, immediately after Del Spivak’s gang come back into town to retrieve the stolen money that Kate Stokes has allegedly hidden. I didn’t like, or believe, Chris’ almost indifferent attitude when Vin got hurt in the episode, and I really wanted to redress the (fanon) balance. So I gave a certain blue-eyed Texan another injury …. and this time, his closest friend would react! The second piece, ‘Setting Things Right’, revolves around Vin, Chris, Buck and Kate Stokes, dealing with their feelings, guilt and regrets. Finally, I felt there could be some tension and awkwardness between Vin and Casey, particularly after their ‘sowing wild oats’ confrontation in the barn. The third section, ‘Clearing the Air’, concerns that incident, and also resolves other outstanding issues.

Character focus: Vin, Chris, Buck, JD, Nathan, Ezra, Casey Wells, Kate Stokes.

This was written in response to a ‘missing scene’ challenge on the Vin Tanner Feedback and Discussion Group but, as I began to work on it, the piece just took off with a life of its own! Anyway, these sequential scenes (or should I say half an episode!) have been pestering my muse for a while… and I always listen to my muse.

Heartfelt thanks to my husband, Mike, for his love and continued support, whilst I lost myself in my writing – yet again! A massive, HUGE thank you must go to Xiola, for doing the proofing honours. I’m grateful for her help, especially when she’s so busy writing her own wonderful Mag7 fiction. Any remaining grammatical boo-boo’s, inaccuracies, plot or continuity flaws are mine and mine alone! I'm grateful to Bountyhunter'slady for creating the wonderful collage to go with my story - your artistry is sublime and I'm indebted to you, hun! Thanks to Sally Ann (, for kindly allowing her 'Lady Killers' screen grabs to be used in the collage.

As with each of my previous stories, the themes, convoluted ideas and writing are, in their entirety, all of my own work. Apart from Xiola’s corrections, no one else has had any input into this work of fan fiction.

If you enjoy reading my work, then please let me know. Positive - heck, any - feedback would be simply wonderful! But no flames, please! Susie Burton, February 2005

      1. The Best Laid Plans                      2. Setting Things Right                        3.  Clearing the Air