Love Nest

by ST



They’d been riding all day, trying to get in as many miles as possible and hoping to get as close to home as they could. After spending two days in the saddle, escorting two dangerous prisoners across rough terrain to a little town called Paradise, just across the Arizona border, they’d been looking forward to a nice tall beer and a good night’s sleep in a soft bed. Once they’d arrived in the town, Chris and Buck had headed for the jail to turn over the prisoners and Vin had gone to one of the many saloons to wait for them. He’d just stepped up on the boardwalk when one of the town’s regulators recognized his face from a wanted poster.


Thankfully, due to the excessive heat the streets were all but deserted in the middle of the day. The man had confronted Vin, shoving him hard into a wall then drawing his gun. Somehow Vin had managed to get back on his feet and cold cock the man before anyone else realized what was going on. He’d paused long enough to let Chris and Buck know what had happened before hightailing it out of town. They’d grabbed some supplies and refilled their canteens, then followed him casually, hoping that nobody had noticed the three had ridden into town together.  This was the reason Chris didn’t like to send Vin on many trips like this one, but they’d figured a journey to Arizona territory was likely to be relatively safe; the farther from Texas the better. Vin ended up with a colorful bruise and scrape across one side of his face from kissing the wall, but other than that he was fine. And they were all starting to relax a little, now that they had some distance between themselves and the town.


Buck spotted a large, lone rock formation in the not-too-far distance and they’d figured that was as good a place as they were going to find. The sun was getting lower, the terrain was getting rougher, and none of them wanted to try and maneuver across unfamiliar land in the dark.


The area turned out to be better suited than they’d expected. The limestone bluff angled inward, making a nice little shelter from the elements of nature. Settled in the nook was a long abandoned shack of sorts. The structure was dilapidated - the roof half gone, the windows busted out and the only door was off its hinges; it looked like a healthy breeze might be enough to take the whole thing down, but there was a well and a pump and the water was cool and actually tasted good.


After they’d watered the horses, cleaned up and set up their campsite a little ways away from the shack, it was already dark and the stars were out. Buck leaned back against his saddle and let out a contented sigh. “Our own little love nest,” he said happily, giving each of his companions a lecherous grin.  Buck had yet to put his shirt back on and Chris doubted that he would. The man looked sexy as hell without a shirt and he knew it.  All sleek muscles, tanned skin and just the perfect amount of hair across his chest.


“Love nest?” Chris raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “Vin just about ends up wearing a coffin and all you can think about is sex?” 


A thoughtful frown passed over Buck’s face, lasting just the briefest of moments before the grin reappeared. “Yep.”


If Buck were facing his own execution, Chris had no doubt that, yes, his last request would have something to do with last rites of sex. It was just the way he was, the way he’d always been from the first day they’d met – which had subsequently turned into the most mind-blowing night of his life. So, Chris couldn’t say it surprised him that Buck’s mind was mostly below his belt at the moment.


He noticed Buck staring at him with a little smile on his face. He looked down to find his shirt was unbuttoned, so he pulled the edges closer together, just in case the man was getting any ideas.


Vin chuckled and Chris glanced over at him, noting that at least he’d put his shirt back on. Then again, if the looks he and Buck were giving each other were any indication, he wouldn’t be wearing it much longer. Vin was getting to be as bad as Buck, which wasn’t necessarily a thing to complain about. Most times Chris was as happy as Buck was to cater to this new, uninhibited and slightly wild side of Vin, but Chris had expected him to be a little more upset over what had almost happened earlier.  Usually when their tracker was upset, he was more apt to go off alone than sit around with his friends, but maybe this was part of that new side of Vin and maybe what he really needed was to work off some steam.  Chris could understand that.


Buck reached for the younger man, and Vin went willingly, crawling up the larger body and settling down like Buck was his own personal feather bed.  Chris watched, fairly impressed, as the usually quiet man attached his mouth to Buck’s, seeming as single minded in this as he was in most everything.  Chris let out a shaky sigh and turned his head away. The two of them looked damn good together, but Chris was hot and tired and maybe a little cranky, definitely not in the mood for love – as Buck would say. Although, his dick was not entirely in agreement with the rest of his body. The damn thing tended to have a mind of its own whenever those two got going.


For all he knew they’d been followed, although that was highly unlikely. He was pretty sure they would have noticed someone on their trail, but still, they ought not be letting their guard down, he thought, and he was surprised that Vin seemed to be doing just that. Or maybe he’d decided that Chris had his back at the moment, which gave him a small sense of satisfaction that Vin was willing to put his faith in Chris.


How many times had he told Vin to relax, to get a few hours sleep or whatever and just trust him, or the others, to keep watch for a while? Vin always agreed, but seldom managed to carry through, and Chris never called him on it because he wasn’t so sure he’d be able to put his life in someone else’s hands so easily, either.  It wasn’t so much that Vin didn’t trust him to watch his back in a fight, it had more to do with his being able to relax and sleep, or let his guard down when they were out on the trail.


Chris’ eyes followed Vin as he slid his body down Buck’s, mouth latching onto patches of skin here and there along the way. He spent a long time lapping and suckling the other man’s nipples, while Buck alternately threaded his fingers through Vin’s long hair, and held his head in place, all the time fairly writhing at the attention. Buck’s pants were already open, so after kissing his way down the flat stomach, Vin had little trouble pulling the pants down and then off.  Then he braced himself on hands and knees over Buck’s long lanky form, eyes fixed on the prize.  Buck’s manhood jutted out over his belly, long and thick, almost making Chris change his mind and decide that he was in the mood after all. His mouth went dry when Buck opened his legs a little more and bent one knee, giving Vin a waggle of his eyebrows and a sultry smile. Vin licked his lips and dropped to the ground between those long legs, nuzzling and gently lapping the other man’s scrotum, the crease of his thigh, teasing Buck in the same way Buck always enjoyed teasing.


Chris squirmed a little, trying to shift his pants without being noticed. He cursed the tight pants and pondered, yet again, having his pants let out an inch or so, even though he knew he looked good in them the way they fit now.


When he looked over at his companions again, he almost laughed out loud at the scene. Vin was resting back on his elbows, the tip of his tongue poking out at the corner of his mouth as he concentrated. Chris had a good idea of what had captured Vin’s attention, just by the way he had Buck squirming and panting.  He could see Vin’s fingers playing, testing and studying the tight ring of muscle that guarded the opening to the other man’s body. It was something that he figured Vin had never paid much attention to before.


Not that they hadn’t offered, because they had, both of them.  But up until now, Vin had been wary and unsure of whether he wanted to go there or not.  Chris thought his hesitance had more to do with a fear of having to reciprocate than it did with him not wanting to take them up on their offers.  And they’d been willing to wait him out, give him the time he needed without pressuring him too hard.  It would be so much better to have an enthusiastic rather than a reluctant participant. 


“Oh, God!” Buck’s voice startled him and he couldn’t stand it any longer. He moved over beside them, and pulled Buck’s knee further to the side so he could get a closer look.  He almost came right there when he saw what Vin and his tongue were doing. The tracker was definitely thorough in his explorations.


“Get up here and get them clothes off,” Buck ordered, as if he were the one running the show.


Vin’s head popped up from between his legs, a goofy grin on his face. “Awful bossy, ain’t ya, Bucklin?” he said, pushing himself the rest of the way up and then sitting back to tug off his shirt. He shucked his pants before gliding up Buck again, draping himself over the man and sealing their lips together.


He watched, the heat in his belly growing, as they kissed, wet thorough kisses punctuated with needful moans and whimpers. Vin was grinding his hips into Buck’s, rocking and squirming to get the right angle and pressure that would give him the most sensation.


Chris reached out, brushing a strand of Vin’s hair back behind his ear, then leaned in close. “You feel like doin’ a little ridin’ tonight, cowboy?” he said in a low voice, feeling pretty sure that it was up to him to propose this, because he doubted the other two would. They’d be happy enough to keep going the way they were, humping each other to release, but Chris had a fancy to see Buck bent over his saddle with his ass in the air, and the thought of Vin pumping in and out of that ass nearly stole his breath away.


Both men had stilled at his words, both breathing heavily. Chris smiled, leaning closer to Vin’s ear, taking a moment to trace the contours with the tip of his tongue. “How ‘bout it, Vin? You think you might like that?” Chris asked in a husky voice. “It’s real tight, feels real good . . .” he licked the other man’s ear again, causing him to shiver, “better than you could imagine.”


Vin lifted his head and looked from Chris to Buck, who was smiling softly up at him.  Buck ran his big hands up Vin’s spine then slid them back down his sides to squeeze and caress his ass.  He lifted his eyebrows, still grinning, then rolled his hips making Vin gasp. “What d’ya say, Vin?”


It didn’t take more than that for Vin to nod his head. “Okay,” he said, licking his lips and pushing himself away from Buck.


Chris gave him a grin, as lecherous as any that Buck could give, and handed him an open tin of salve. Buck was already on his hands and knees, bent over the saddle just like Chris had imagined.  “Go on,” he said, nodding toward Buck. “You know what to do.”


Vin had watched enough to have the basics down. Just by Vin’s nature, Chris figured he’d most likely watched them even more closely than he’d let on.  He looked on as Vin dipped his fingers into the balm and then moved up closer to Buck.  He parted the bigger man’s cheeks, a rapt expression on his face, then trailed his fingers over the tender exposed flesh, swirling a finger around a few times before getting the nerve to press against the pucker. Buck opened for him easily, and Vin looked a little surprised when his finger slid right inside with no trouble at all.


“That’s good, that’s good. More,” Buck panted, and Chris was glad that his old friend seemed to be with it enough to know that a little encouragement would be appreciated. Vin slid two fingers all the way in and then back out, his forehead creased as he focused on his efforts and the effects they were having on his partner. Chris heard his breath hitch when Buck opened his legs wider and pushed back against them. “Come on, Vin. I ain’t gettin’ any younger.”


Chris chuckled, familiar with Buck’s lack of patience when on the receiving end. He dipped his own fingers in the tin of salve, then reached for Vin, sliding them up and over, coating the length of Vin’s dick. “You sure you’re ready, stud?” he said, teasing Buck.


“Hell, yes.” And then he raised his ass higher, wiggling it impatiently. Vin licked his lips again; his eyes were wide and a little bit wild looking as he maneuvered up behind Buck. He squeezed his dick, squeezed his eyes closed, taking several breaths before sliding the blunt head to press against the tiny opening. He used one hand to smooth gently, almost reverently over Buck’s hip. Chris wished he knew what was going through Vin’s mind. His eyes were soft, his lips parted and cheeks flushed; it seemed like maybe he wanted to take a little time to savor the moment.  If Buck could have seen his face, he might have been a little more patient, but Chris did know what was going through Buck’s mind, and it had nothing to do with taking time, or savoring the moment.


“Come on, boy!” Buck nearly shouted. “What are ya waitin’ for?” Which seemed to startle Vin into motion. With one hand he held his dick and started pressing inward. Buck didn’t give him the chance to pause again. As soon as he felt Vin moving, he surged backwards. Vin gasped, drawing in a huge gulp of air and looking surprised, almost overwhelmed. Obviously Vin had yet to learn that Buck preferred to be on the top, even when he was on the bottom.


Vin’s hands moved to clamp down on Buck’s hips and hold him steady. “Dammit, Buck,” he managed to say, his chest heaving as he struggled to control his breathing, and Buck.


“Tanner, if ya don’t move right now,” Buck gritted out, “I’m gonna have to shoot you, boy.”


Vin was panting harshly, his hands still clamped on Buck’s hips. Chris imagined he was trying hard not to come right then and there. After a few more breaths, he managed to peel his eyelids open and squint down on the man bent over before him. “Hold still!”




So apparently Vin wasn’t quite willing to hand over the reins. Poor Buck. Served him right.


“Tanner . . ..” Buck growled, but Vin seemed a little more in control now. It must have taken visions of Nettie Wells to drag him back from the edge. Chris’ own dick wavered at the thought.


Vin took another deep breath and let it out slowly, then leaned back a little to look down at the point where his dick disappeared into Buck. “Jesus,” he whispered, and he pulled back slowly, pushing back in just as slow – then he did it all over again, seemingly getting a thrill at the sight of his flesh sliding in and out of Buck’s ass.  When he glanced in Chris’ direction, his eyes grew wide and he seemed just as enthralled with the sight of what Chris was doing, too.




Buck turned to look, and then couldn’t tear his eyes away from Chris. It wasn’t any big secret that Chris liked to watch; Buck liked to watch, too, on occasion. He liked the slow building heat that always seemed to creep over him while he watched his friends pleasure themselves, or each other.  Chris had his saddle placed close to Buck’s and he was reclined back against it on his bedroll, his shirt open, his pants pushed down past his hips, stroking himself slowly with both hands. His eyes were dark and hooded, filled with lust when they met Buck’s and then he raised them upwards, to glitter at Vin. 


Buck wished Chris woulda started jacking himself a little earlier; it seemed to get Vin moving anyway. Suddenly, he pushed down on Buck’s hips, kneed his thighs apart and then he was rocking forward, rolling his hips and making desperate little noises that were music to Buck’s ears. “Yeah . . ..”


In very little time, he felt Vin’s hips begin to thrust in a more frenetic rhythm and he could tell the younger man was getting real close. Just when he thought he might have to take care of his own dick, he felt Vin’s hand reach around and take hold of him, pumping in quick steady strokes, just the way Buck needed.  Vin leaned over Buck, wrapping his other arm around his middle; his hips began twitching and Buck clenched his internal muscles when he felt the slick warmth of Vin’s seed spilling out inside him. When Vin’s hand reflexively squeezed his cock, orgasm flared through his body like a Roman Candle, making his limbs give out under the weight of Vin, and momentarily taking his breath away.


After a few moments, Buck managed to open his eyes and look over at Chris, whose head was rolled back, his nostrils flaring. He let his gaze drop lower just in time to see Chris’ impressive cock spurt the last of its pearly fluid over his pale stomach and chest. He would have loved to take that beautiful shaft into his mouth and drink down every last drop it had to offer, but he knew he was too late. Besides, he was draped in a blanket of sleepy Vin and he kinda liked the feel of it, at least for another minute or so.


Vin’s bony chin digging into his shoulder was enough to spur him into action. Carefully he slid out from under the tracker, then settled him on the ground between the two of them. Vin sighed contentedly, but to both their surprise, he never woke up. Buck let his eyes travel over the lean, tan form, sprawled completely boneless and looking good enough to eat. “Think I wore him out,” Buck said in his loftiest voice. He grabbed Vin’s bandanna to clean his stomach then tossed it over by his shirt and stretched out like a cat and turned to gaze at Chris. “Lookin’ good there, pard.”


“Yeah?” Chris looked down at himself, and even in the dim firelight Buck could see the color rise in his cheeks. He straightened his clothes before looking up at Buck, with a hint of lust in his eyes. “You’re lookin’ pretty good, yourself.”


“Well now, that’s a given,” he said with a throaty chuckle and Chris picked up a twig and tossed it at him.


They lay there quietly for a few minutes, listening to the sounds of the desert. Vin stirred, suddenly becoming restless and a frown creasing his forehead. “No,” he mumbled, his voice squeaking, as his hand waved off some unseen threat. Something about wild oats and Miz Nettie had the tracker in a panic, but he wasn’t making any sense at all.


Chris reached down, brushing the hair out of the young man’s face, then he rested his hand there to calm him.  Buck wasn’t all that surprised when Vin rolled over, curling instinctively close to Chris. “I don’t even want to know what he’s dreaming about.” Chris told him quietly, his lips quirking in a half smile.


“Hell, I’m with you there, pard.” He shuddered dramatically. “So, you think we got anyone on our tails?”


“Nah, probably not,” Chris said, gazing in the direction they’d ridden in from. “I’ll take first watch. You go ahead and get some sleep.” 


Buck nodded. “All right, wake me up in a few,” he said, then spooned up behind Vin. With a yawn, he draped an arm over Vin’s bare hip and let himself drift away.