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         Kissing Him  - ATF  Chris/Vin  Vin/JD    

       Not A Drop To Drink  - ATF  Chris/Vin/Buck    2005 MOM Award Nominee





        Ain't It Funny - Music Video  Chris/Vin

        Faith of the Heart - Music Video  Chris/Vin

        It Was - Music Video  Buck/Ezra

        There You'll Be  - Music Video  Buck/Ezra





     Broken Mugs and Making Up  - ATF Chris/Vin

     Five Years - ATF  Chris/Vin

     I'll Be Home For Christmas - ATF  Chris/Vin

     In My Bed - ATF  Josiah/JD

     Merry Christmas, Mr. Tanner - ATF  Chris/Vin

     Midnight Meeting - Het  (That's all the hint you're getting <g>)

     The Office Party - ATF  Chris/Vin

     Past Presence  - ATF  Chris/Vin

     Touch Me  - ATF  Chris/Vin





         The Brotherhood of Man  - OW Het  Ezra/Casey




     Close Encounters of Another Kind - OW Chris/Vin

        The Cure - ATF Chris/Vin    (New Year's Fic)

        Derailed - ATF Chris/Vin

        Derailed - ATF Vin  - Seven  (Gen Version)

        Discredited - ATF Chris/Vin

        Down The Rabbit Hole  - ATF Chris/Vin

        Jeep Tricks  - ATF Chris/Vin

        Memories and Dreams - OW  Chris/Vin

        A Naked Snow Angel's Revenge - ATF Chris/Vin  (sequel to The Cure)

        O' Chris' Tree  - OW  Chris/Vin

        The Ride  - ATF Chris/Vin   (sequel to Discredited)

        Twas the Night. . .  - ATF Chris/Vin

        The Unwanted Gift - OW Chris  - Vin (Gen)

        Violations and Vows  - OW Chris/Vin

        Walk Like An. . .  - ATF Chris/Vin





        Fire and Ice  - OW  Buck/Ezra




     Home  - ATF  Chris/Vin   2005 MOM Award Nominee




       A Man's Gotta Do . . .  - ATF  Chris/Buck    2005 MOM Award Nominee

       Reassurances and Revelations - ATF Buck/Ezra   sequel to What Have I Done?

       A True Friend   - Family Matters AU  Chris/Buck

       What Have I Done?   - ATF  Buck/Ezra





         Ever After  - OW  Chris/Buck     2005 MOM Award Nominee

         In Heat  - OW  Chris/Buck/Vin/Ezra 

         Love Nest  - OW  Chris/Buck/Vin 

         What's Luck Got to Do With It  - OW  Ezra/Vin 




      His Team   - ATF  Josiah    (Gen)






        A Better Plan  - OW  Chris/Vin

        Fields of Blue  - OW  Chris/Vin  (slash version)

        Malebox   - ATF  Chris/Vin    2005 MOM Award Nominee

        Memento Mori   - ATF  Chris/Vin (deals with events of 9/11)

        What Changes Come  - OW  Chris/Vin




        Sins of the Father  - OW  Vin - Chris - Ezra  (Gen Version) 

         Sins of the Father  - OW  Vin - Chris - Ezra  (Adult Het)  2005 MOM Award Nominee

        Vocis Angelus  - OW  Josiah/Vin   

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         Home   - OW  Chris/Vin   Nathan/Josiah

          The Lesson   - OW  JD/Buck

         The Sentinel   - OW  Chris/Vin