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                        Gemstone: Garnet   Symbolizes: Illumination & guidance.  Considered a gem of faith, constancy and truth.

Protects the wearer from illness and believed to have curative powers.  Even ground into a powder for fevers. 


          Hallelujah  - OW  Chris/Vin    SueN

        Lost and Found  - ATF  Chris/Vin    Ruby J



           Gemstone: Amethyst   Symbolizes: Peace, protection and tranquility   Increases spirituality.

Lore has it to drink from an amethyst chalice prevents intoxication - hence supports sobriety.


          Prior Engagement  - Firm/AU    Het Chris/OFC  Winnie

        Homebound  - OW  Chris/Vin   Laramee




         Gemstone: Aquamarine   Symbolizes: Friendship, love and affection  Helps ease depression and grief

Aquamarine means sea water.  A stone for meditation, can see equality of life, serenity and peace within it..  


          Hide and Seek  - ATF Chris/Vin  Laramee




        Gemstone: Diamond   Symbolizes: Purity and eternal love  Helps one see clearly and be straightforward and honest.

Referred to as the 'King Gem' an emblem of fearlessness and invincibility.  



          Take My Hand  - ATF Ezra/Vin  Laramee






           Gemstone: Emerald   Symbolizes: Life and fertility  Strengthens memory, quickens intelligence and helps predict the future.  Emeralds have been used for emotional and spiritual healing. 


         Rainy Days, Chicken Soup and You  - ATF Ezra/Buck  Laramee



           Gemstone: Pearl   Symbolizes:  Love, success and happiness an emblem of modesty, chastity and purity

Referred to as the 'Queen Gem', pearls were also once thought of as the tears of God. 


  Gemstone: Alexandrite  Symbolizes: self-esteem, joy.  Assist one in centering the self.

Named after Alexander II of Russia and is a good omen in Russia


         Revelations  - OW  Chris/Vin    SueN

            Shadow and Storm  - OW Chris/Vin    SueN



           Gemstone: Ruby   Symbolizes:  Harmony, rarity and eternality and success, devotion and integrity.

A ruby is said to be capable of mending a lover's quarrel, an engagement ring expresses passion and promises of the heart. 



        Down Among the Dead Men  - Chris/Vin  Tes

        Soulbound  - Chris/Vin   Laramee




          Gemstone: Peridot    Symbolizes: Protection, dignity and fame.  Used to help dreams become a reality.

Pirates favored them to protect them from evil.  Set in gold they protect the wearer from evils of the night. 



           Gemstone: Sapphire   Symbolizes:  Purity, faithfulness and future.  Represents truth, sincerity and consistency.

Kings wore them as a defense against harm.  Also believed to protect the wearer from envy and bring divine favor. 



           Gemstone:  Opal   Symbolizes:  Hope, innocence and purity, happiness and truth.   Used to see possibilities.

From the Latin opalus meaning 'seeing jewel'.  Arabs believed they fell from the sky in flashes of lightening hence their fire.


  Gemstone: Tourmaline  Pink - female balance and protection.  Green - male balance.

Protects the wearer from danger and misforturne.



           Gemstone: Topaz   Symbolizes:  Strength and loyalty.  Greeks felt a topaz gave them strength.

In ancient times, a falcon carved on a topaz helped acquire the goodwill of kings, princes and magnates. 



           Hopes and Dreams  - Buck/Ezra   Sue N.



           Gemstone: Turquoise    Symbolizes:   Good fortune, success and happiness.  Helps one start new projects.

Warned the wearer of danger or illness by changing color.  Indians believed if turquoise was affixed to their bow, the arrows shot from it always found their mark. 


        The Greatest Gift of All  - Chris/Vin   Laramee







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